About us

This website is maintained and operated by the Deutschsprachige Data Vault User Group (DDVUG) e.V. A non-profit association with the goal of:


The purpose of the association is the promotion of science and research through the exchange of information and experiences around the topic of Data Warehouse in connection with Data Vault as well as related technologies and methods. In the following, this subject area is summarised under the term Data Vault.


The association supports the dissemination of information and knowledge on these topics in German-speaking countries. The association is independent and works closely with users, consultants, manufacturers/vendors, scientists and friendly associations or federations.

And within this framework, a company and its data were created. The data is available under the creative commons licence CC BY 4.0.

The first use of this data set is the Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) Challenge. The automation of data preparation is a right and important step into the future of BI. With the results in this portal, we want to facilitate the selection of a DWA tool.

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