Overarching criteria

Data Lineage

A representation of the dependencies in the data preparation. Either at attribute level or at entity level. This makes it possible to understand how changes to the interface affect the key figures or from which data sources a key figure is composed.

The data for the lineage should not have to be documented separately, but should essentially result from the implementation and be maintainable with little effort in the course of further development.

Error Handling

Error handling and notification that an error has occurred. The Data Vault also loads erroneous data, so errors should be reported in an ‘error mart’ or similar.


Determine the sequence of the individual processing steps, taking into account the interdependencies between them.


The control of the preparation processes with the possibility of parallelising and time-controlling the loading. Ideally, load balancing can be carried out.


The distribution of the generated code to development, integration and production. The support of tests.

Supported databases

List all supported database systems.

Prerequisites for the installation

Is it SaaS or is it installed on premise or can you choose between the two. In the case of an on-premise installation: what are the minimum requirements for an installation or what is recommended.

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